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Samwon Petra is the foremost leader in the manufacture of ball chains, with over a century of accumulated knowledge and expertise.
Our metal ball chains are a testament to the pinnacle of quality, achieved through the amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies sourced from the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

In addition to chains, we offer a comprehensive range of chain-related accessory attachments. Our extensive manufacturing capacity and well-stocked inventory enable us to provide prompt delivery to our esteemed clientele.
Our strategically located manufacturing facility in Incheon, Korea, ensures efficient production and swift global distribution.


Creating the perfect component begins with choosing the right material


An introduction to our services


At Samwonpetra we work with you to ensure that you have the right chain for your specific requirements.
We therefore offer a range of customising services to ensure that your chain comes in a format that you need it in.

We provide the following customisation services:

– Cut to length assemblies: We can supply chain in pre-cut lengths as per your requirements.

– Chain assemblies: If you are using your chain for a specific application we can supply your chain at the correct length and connectors pre-installed so that the chain is ready to get the job done when you receive it.

– Continuous loops: We can supply chain in a continuous endless link of various sizes.

– Customised ball chain: Subject to quantity we can modify our tooling to create a range of customised ball chain sizes to suit your individual needs.